Deadpool & Wolverine | Final Trailer “Infinity War”

Deadpool & Wolverine’s trailers have done a great job of teasing the surprises the movie holds and its multiversal story without spoiling things.

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Marvel has revealed minor cameos like Toad and Pyro, but all of the major rumored cameos have yet to be shown, hinting at quite a few surprises being in store if even only some of the rumored characters for the multiverse film appear. However, Deadpool & Wolverine’s latest trailer teased the possible role Doctor Strange could have in the film. A portal similar to Doctor Strange’s appeared, with Deadpool and Wolverine jumping through it.

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There are a few theories related to who might be behind the portal, which includes characters like Wong and even Ned Leeds, but perhaps the simplest explanation for the portal is the correct one, and it is Doctor Strange who is responsible for it.

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With the last time Strange was seen being him going with Clea to stop an incursion and Deadpool & Wolverine being a movie that hedges on its two lead characters coming from different universes — at least in Deadpool’s case — to the MCU, that could lead to an incursion, thus warranting Strange’s appearance.

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