FAST X: PART 2 (2025)

Fast X Part 2 (2025) - #1 Trailer (2025) - Jason Momoa, Vin Diesel - Universal Pictures (HD)

With Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa ,Cody Walker back Despite once being a dominant franchise at the box office, the end for Fast & Furious quickly seemed inevitable in recent years as the financial returns began dropping.


While F9: The Fast Saga’s box office numbers could be chalked up to its mid-pandemic release, Fast X’s didn’t fare much better, despite touting a production budget over $100 million larger than its predecessor. This all points to a general waning interest among audiences akin to the recent superhero fatigue affecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe and remaining DC Extended Universe releases.

Vin Diesel Announces April 2025 Release For Fast X Part 2

Though Diesel’s post confirms the end of the mainline franchise, it doesn’t mean Fast & Furious can’t continue after the upcoming eleventh movie. It was confirmed in mid 2023 that development was underway on a new standalone sequel entitled Hobbs & Reyes, with Dwayne Johnson continuing his role after his surprise return in Fast X and Jason Momoa reprising his villain role.

FAST X: PART 2 – TRAILER (2025) Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa

Around the same time, Johnson also confirmed that Hobbs & Shaw 2 was still in development, but that those plans were postponed in favor of the movie bridging the gap between the tenth and eleventh movies

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