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While Five Nights At Freddy’s gave the franchise’s most confusing animatronic a cameo, the sequel needs to offer this same character a much bigger role. Five Nights At Freddy’s took its time making the transition from a hit video game to a big-screen horror movie. Although an adaptation of the indie game series was in Development Hell since 2014, it wasn’t until October 2023 that Five Nights At Freddy’s finally arrived. However, Five Nights At Freddy’s proved to be worth the wait for fans, earning over $270 million at the box office and quickly becoming 2023’s most financially successful horror movie.

This made a sequel inevitable, and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 was announced shortly after the first movie proved a huge hit. This was a big relief for franchise fans since there is a veritable deluge of Five Nights At Freddy’s lore for the sequels to address and adapt. For example, the elusive animatronic Golden Freddy (not to be mistaken for Freddy Fazbear) barely even appears in Five Nights At Freddy’s. Fortunately, the original movie’s success means that the sequel can now give Golden Freddy a bigger role, bringing one of the most mysterious characters from the games to life.

Final Destination 6 - Teaser Trailer 2024 First Look - Warner Bros-Fan Made

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