Goldilocks and the Two Bears – Official Theatrical Trailer (2024) Claire Milligan, Bryan Mittelstadt

Goldilocks and the Two Bears tells the captivating story of two young hitchhikers and homeless wanderers who have lost hope in their once-promising futures. Their paths intertwine with that of a young woman seeking refuge from her own personal demons, as she moves into an empty condominium. As their lives become entangled, an unexpected bond forms among the trio, offering the possibility of a fresh start for each of them.

However, amidst the glimmers of hope, there is an underlying sense of foreboding, hinting at darker forces that threaten to unravel their newfound connections. Experience the intrigue and emotional depth of Goldilocks and the Two Bears in this upcoming drama film, featuring a talented cast including Claire Milligan, Bryan Mittelstadt, and Serra Maiman. Be sure to watch the trailer for a glimpse into this compelling tale of resilience and redemption.

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