Grand Theft Auto VI | Trailer 2

While Rockstar’s “HD” era of GTA has had fewer moments like this, there has still been the occasional character appearance to tie GTA 4 and GTA 5 together.

Grand Theft Auto VI — Trailer 2 (2025)

For instance, GTA 4’s Johnny Klebitz – a member of The Lost Motorcycle Club who was also the main protagonist in that game’s The Lost and the Damned DLC – appears as one of Trevor’s business partners before the two have a brutal falling out.

Welcome to GTA VI Trailer 2

Therefore, there’s a possibility that characters from GTA 5 could interact with Lucia and Jason in GTA 6, even if they’re not one of the main three protagonists. With Grand Theft Auto 6 confirmed to be targeting a 2025 release date, hopefully, players will get another look at its story soon, even though it’s unlikely that Rockstar will reveal any cameos prior to the game’s launch.

Grand Theft Auto VI tung trailer cực hot bùng nổ làng game thế giới

Until then, JANTSUU’s trailer creates enough of an idea of what chaos could ensue should Michael, Trevor or Franklin arrive in Leonida.

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